We’re crafting a product that helps eCommerce sell more, with less returns.

In a digital era that promises endless options, the reality of eCommerce often falls short. We have become used to a modern-day catalogue where clothes hang on models who bear no resemblance to most shoppers. It’s a guessing game—one that often ends with the frustration of returns, lost time, and wasted resources.

Swan emerged from the simple idea that eCommerce should be both personal for shoppers and profitable for brands. That's why we're excited about our sizing & try-on models, our first step towards a smarter, internet native shopping experience.

Our Mission

Shopping as personal as you

Our clothes present us to the world. Without words we share our associations, passions, callings, and beliefs. They are both armour and a mirage. Swan is a key to unlock that expression, regardless of how many times it change a day.

Swan is a promise of personalisation. It's your virtual fitting room that brings garments to life, tailored to your preferences and body. It's the ushering of a future where every choice is innately, intimately personal.

And for brands, it's a tool to reduce the environmental and financial toll of returns, transforming online retail into a space that’s not only more profitable but also more sustainable.

Our Wings

We’ve built a world-class team of engineers and researchers.

Swan was born out of research from Trinity College Dublin and it’s AI Lab, the Adapt centre. Named for the elegance and transformation embodied in Irish lore, our technology signifies a graceful leap forward—towards a more personal, sustainable, and beautiful future in fashion.

We’re a small team of engineers and researchers crafting a product to celebrate each person’s uniqueness. We’re tinkerers, late night conference paper submitters, volunteer firemen, wannabe blue ocean sailors, avid cricket watchers, coffee snobs and Guinness drinkers. We hold a deep distain for process, meetings, and all big company behaviour. We believe beauty matters and strive to allow you to share yours. Join us.

Start selling more clothes without the returns.

Whether you sell clothing, shoes or jewellery — Swan has a fitting room for it.