Can’t I just compare my sizes with another brand?

Where size/fit recommendation solutions are concerned, what retailers and solution providers have both found is that Precision Is Everything.

15th March, 2024

Why AI fitting rooms are crucial to a sustainable shop

Many of the conversations we have with fashion retailers about AI fitting rooms turn quickly to the subject of sustainability. To what extent can virtual fitting rooms help you with their sustainability goals?

5th March, 2024

Clothing returns in 2023 vs. 2013

If returns were cheap enough and convenient enough, shoppers would cease worrying about ordering the wrong size when buying clothes online, removing some of the motivation for using (or for retailers to provide) a virtual fitting room.

4th March, 2024

The ritual of the fitting room

How long have fitting rooms existed in clothing stores, do you think? About 140 years; they are mentioned by an author named Émile Zola, in an 1883 novel named Au Bonheur des Dames.

21st February, 2024

Increased conversions or reduced returns?

A successful AI fitting room impacts two key metrics. First, it reduces the proportion of items that are returned because they didn’t fit as expected. Second, it increases conversion rates by addressing the doubt that every online shopper feels when choosing a size.

12th February, 2024

How AI can deal with soaring customer acquisition costs?

Brands are losing a record average of $29 for every customer they acquire, Shopify reports. That’s a rise of 222% increase in the most recent eight years. What are the reasons?

1st February, 2024